Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spicy Pulled Pork

We were fairly happy with how the spicy pulled pork turned out, but I think I made a mistake by using my slow cooker instead of roasting the pork in the oven. My hubbie thought the meat wasn't crispy enough (which I'm pretty certain would not have happened if I had used the oven as PW suggested). Otherwise, though, I thought this was a very simple recipe to throw together early in the day - and it went great with black beans and rice and fried plantains. If anyone's interested in another pulled pork recipe - I HIGHLY recommend Carissa's pulled pork recipe (e-mail her for it - you won't regret it!). :)


Lou Ann Chae said...

I was planning on cooking this pork this weekend and now I'm thinking I need to try Carissa's recipe!
Carissa, if you read this, will you send it my way? thanks!

Carissa said...

Lou Ann, my pulled pork recipe is a little different than PW's. Check it out on my other blog...

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and my pork recipe is a sample recipe at the end. Good luck with it. It is one of my favorites, I usually use it in quesadillas, but it would make great tacos or fajitas also. Enjoy.