Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Potato Bundles (PW Blog)

I forgot to take a photo so forgive me, but I tried the potato bundles on PW's site.  Super-duper easy! And tons of different variations you could do with this.  Plus, easy clean up. (Easy clean up makes me happy.)

* Use non-stick foil if possible or just spray your foil with cooking spray!
* Don't skimp on the onion, the onion gives the potatoes a fantastic flavor but then again, I'm an onion lover.


Here is the photo from PW's site:


Janice Johnson said...

Makes me want to go camping for some reason...Ha!

Carissa said...

PW's photography on her blog puts our little blog to shame huh? I agree with PW...I think my kids would love to assemble these. I just got a Cosco card, so I am definenly gonna look for that nifty pre-cut foil next time I go!!

Anne said...

It could be all the color that she uses between her plates and food that make her photos look awesome. :o)
This would be tons of fun for kids- it was fun for me. haha.