Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ribeye's with Whiskey Cream Sauce

My husband is not a sauce person but I made the whiskey cream sauce anyway because it looked rather interesting and tasty.  I am not a whiskey drinker so I had to go buy it and my husband had to explain to me the differences in it all.  It was a funny sight - even the clerk laughed at me. 
While it cooked the entire time I said "this stinks" and my husband laughed. 
I cooked (well he cooked) the steaks on the grill rather than in the pan because I won't give up the charcoal flavor.  Especially while I was thinking this sauce is not going to be my thing
Then...Then I tasted it.  Then I put it on my steak and ate some more.  Then my husband tasted it then put it on his steak and ate.  I can not tell you how WOW'd I was that he ate it.  And liked it!!!
This is not something I will make often but its an interesting flavor that I enjoyed. 
**I cut the recipe in half (as usual) and it was plenty for 2 steaks!

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