Saturday, April 23, 2011

Maque Choux with Chicken and Kielbasa (pg. 80)

I made this a couple weeks ago and thought I'd be the first one to post about it.....and then Darby beat me to it!  :)  We really liked this dish and would make it again.  I have never in my life heard of "maque choux" and as the book says and Darby mentioned, it is a Cajun dish that "few people outside of Lousiana have ever heard of."  My husband is Lousiana born and raised and even he had never heard of this...I guess he isn't very "Cajun" afterall!

The one boo-boo I made was putting too much chicken in it.  How could that be a boo-boo, you might ask....well, it's supposed to be a rich stew...and mine was not "stew-y" at all!  I guesstimated (incorrectly) on the 1 pound of chicken it calls for and I probably actually put closer to 2 lbs, so there was not enough liquid to make it a stew.  I actually added more chicken broth at the end after I'd added the chicken and realized that I'd put too much...and there was still not enough liquid.  BUT, it had a great flavor anyway so we still enjoyed it!  Just make sure you don't over-do the chicken like I did!

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