Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Creamy Skillet Penne with Mushrooms and Asparagus ~ page 143

Morgan and I were thinking the same in our cooking....but Morgan's picture looked better I think! I added the simple sauted chicken diced up into mine so Adam thought he was getting a heartier meal. I thought this was good, I'd make it again. It was super easy, mine took a touch longer to make, but I was also sauteing chicken breasts (I'll put those in a separate post)
The only think Adam said was, that it sure had alot of asparagus...I had to get him to clarify if that was a good thing or bad thing...I was under the impression that you could never have too much asparagus. :) He thought differently. So other than that, comment, the family gobbled it up! Lillian the 5 year old especially gobbled it up. I didn't have the exact mushrooms the recipe called for, so I used these...they did just fine. Here is a pic in case some of you aren't familiar with dried mushrooms. --Carissa

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