Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie

I had not planned on attempting this recipe because chicken pot pie is not one of my favorites. Then after talking to my friend Shannon, who is also a contributor to this blog, she convinced me to give it a try.

To save time in making this dish here are some things that I did the night before:
1)Cut up the carrots and celery and stored in Ziploc bags
2)Made the dough and put in the freezer, liked suggested in the cookbook
3)Instead of boiling a chicken, I bought a already cooked rotisserie chicken and pulled off the meat and kept in the refrigerator

When putting all the ingredients together, I opted to use fat free half & half instead of heavy whipping cream. I didn’t notice any significant change by doing this. I left the dough sit out about ½ hour before I needed it but I had a lot of difficulty to get it to roll out well, as well as laying it on top of the dish without it pulling apart. But I made it work anyways.

It made a lot so I froze a casserole dish of it to have at another time.It was a good dish but in my opinion it was not one of the best ones I have had from the PW Cookbook.

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