Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pineapple upside-down cake

I had never made pineapple upside-down cake, and I had never used an iron skillet, much less put one in the oven. So this recipe was great fun for me. I had just received an iron skillet for my birthday (actually, two, different sizes). Here I am wondering what in the world this world-class wrapping could be hiding.
And here I am discovering my new "best friend in the kitchen." Or so PW says... I'm wearing the hat I got for my birthday, too. This was 11:39pm, also, perhaps another reason to be so enthused about a skillet. I didn't want to wait til midnight to open my presents.

But about the cake. It took a bit longer than I thought for everything. The brown sugar took longer to dissolve properly. While I didn't make the same mistake as the French puffs and try to use all the batter, my cake still overflowed a little bit in the oven (this skillet is 10" and my other one is smaller; the recipe said 10" or 12" so it makes sense I guess that it would be too much for a 10"). Then it took about twice as long to bake. We were >30 minutes late for our friends' house for dinner, but they forgave us, since we brought the cake.

Delicious, moist and sugary, and a good review from all.

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