Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pink Velvet cake

While this cake tasted pretty good right after I made it, I think my method of storage (in the cake stand in the fridge) was not air-tight and thus caused it to get stale rather quickly (or maybe we just didn't eat it fast enough!) Really I think the best part of this recipe was the icing. I've made red velvet cake before, and I just remember it being more moist. Also, this cake ended up a little too dense. After searching high and low (HEB and Randall's), I could not find red food coloring, so I resigned myself to pink velvet cake. Upon mixing the food coloring (gel) with the cocoa (powder) I thought perhaps that brown and pink made crimson. Here in the picture it even seems reddish.

But no, upon cutting into it it was evident to all that it was indeed pink velvet cake. Oh well. Everyone said that they liked it. Sorry, no pictures of the completed cake, but don't worry, I did finish icing it. The recipe made plenty - I even had leftover icing.

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Janice Johnson said...

My granddaughter's would call that a princess cake, and just love it!