Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No olive cheese bread and Marlboro Man pasta

Ok, so neither of these recipes are actually in the book, but the cheese bread recipe is close! I made this before I got the book (so really, I should have posted this before the others, chronologically, but oh well), using a recipe on-line. Comparing it to the olive cheese bread in the book, however, I would definitely choose this one. I don't like olives, for one, and this one had more cheese. But perhaps too much cheese... I froze the leftovers but we only had them once or twice before we decided to throw the rest out. Oh and I didn't actually have mayonnaise, so I used sour cream. And a different ratio of cheeses since I ran out of cheddar. Maybe that's why it wasn't as good and melty. In one word - "cheesy."

The pasta was good, I thought, though lacking in liquid. While leftovers were deemed acceptable, the night it was served brought complaints of the solidarity of the pasta-meat dish. In one word - "meat." I said that's how Marlboro Man likes his pasta. James is not Marlboro Man.

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