Friday, April 30, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls

I made half a batch of cinnamon rolls the other day....not sure why...probably because I crave sweets nowadays like a mad woman! Anyways, they were good but not GREAT! I have a recipe from my friend and oh my they are so much better! Granted these were far easier to make so that is a plus.

My comment for the dough is use it when you make it or let it get warm if you put it in the fridge because when I was trying to roll it out it kept contracting back in....I'm not a pastry chef so I didn't think about it being to cold. I eventually got it to work. And I'm not sure if it's because the dough was cold or it's just her recipe but once I put them in the pan they barely rose anymore and I left them for a couple hours just because I couldn't get them in the oven to watch them for the 15min. The other recipe I have when we cut them and put them in a pan they double in size.

Oh and one more helpful hint. Use a piece of thread or dental floss to cut's so easy and they don't get smooshed! Just slide the thread/floss under the dough and then criss cross it and you have a perfect cut.

One more thing...I didn't use coffee in the icing because I do not like the taste of coffee!

I say they weren't as good as my friends but Daniel's co-workers were in heaven! See, we weren't totally bad I gave over half of them away...I'm not that glutenous!!:)


Emily Kilian said...

Haylee, were these the ones you gave us? Whatever recipe that was, they were so good! Thanks

Haylee said...

Emily, Yes, they were from this batch! I'm so gladd ya'll enjoyed them.