Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Breakfast Potatoes

You have to have the right situation going on in your home to get these potatoes on the table for breakfast--because you have to bake the potatoes for 45 min. before you start browning them on the stove. So that means you have to get up pretty early! This past weekend I had 4 grandkids at my house, all under 3 years...and that meant early mornings!! So as soon as I heard the first little peep of noise, I got up and stuck these potatoes in the oven to bake, and got the kids interested in toys while they waited for breakfast. By the time the two mommies of these 4 kids were awake, I had the hot baked potatoes cut up and in the frying pan.

I cooked bacon while the potatoes were baking, so I just used all the bacon grease to fry the potatoes and onions. That just gives them so much flavor!
Here they are seasoned, and patted down in the pan to crisp up. I didn't get a pic of the browned potatoes because you can hold off kiddos only so long for breakfast...~Janice

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