Sunday, December 6, 2009

Outrageous Brownies

I made the outrageous brownies on Saturday to bring to our Sunday School Christmas party.  The recipe was pretty simple and didn't require a mixer, which was nice.   The only issue I had was when melting the chocolate and butter.  Ina says to melt them in a medium bowl, but my bowl (which was medium sized) barely held everything and was taking a really long time to melt everything.  I recommend using a pretty big bowl for the melting process, and also cutting the butter and any large chunks of chocolate into smaller ones before melting them.  This should make the process go a lot faster. 

I thought it was interesting that Ina said to use a baking sheet for the brownies rather than a browie pan.  It worked fine for mine, but I did have an issue with my brownies sticking to the side of the pan, I'm pretty sure because I didn't butter and flour the pan well enough before pouring the batter in. 

Beware...these brownies are really tasty, but also REALLY crumbly when they come out of the oven.  I recommend allowing a few hours to chill the cooked and cooled brownies in the refrigerator before you attempt to cut and serve them.  I tried cutting mine before they were chilled, and it did not work well at all.  Crumbs and chunks were flying everywhere and I was wondering if they were going to ever hold together at all.  After chilling them overnight, they held together much better, so that's definitely the way to go if you can give it that much time. 

As always, this recipe made a ton.  I ended up with at least 25 large brownies, maybe more.  I'll probably quarter the recipe the next time I make it and make it in a smaller brownie pan.  I will be making these again.  They were delicious, way better than boxed browies and worth the calories! 

Here are some of the finished brownies.

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Carissa said...

These were great, I took some leftovers home from the party and had some for breakfast! YUM!