Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cheddar Corn Chowder...With a Secret Weapon

Two weekends ago seemed like great soup weather to me, so I went for it and made the Cheddar Corn Chowder.  It turned out to be an extra good time to make soup, since my husband got sick over the weekend and about all he could eat was soup and bread. 

The soup was really pretty simple to make.  I used frozen corn instead of fresh, and I used red potatoes instead of the white boiling potatoes she calls for in the recipe (if anyone knows where to find these, let me know).  Both ingredients worked great in the soup.  The potatoes held up perfectly and the corn tasted great. 

The recipe makes a LOT of soup, so if you're not one to freeze extras or eat leftovers, you will probably want to only make half a recipe.  We've been eating on it for days and have loved it. 

Oh, and about my secret weapon...  As I've stated before, cutting onions is just about my most hated task ever.  No exaggeration.  I was really not excited to have to cut up the 4 onions required for this soup.  Usually I could ask my sweet husband to do it for me, but he was sick, so I was really in a bind. 

Then I remembered the nice white swim goggles that had last been used for my triathlon in July.  I hadn't touched them since that harrowing event, but I thought maybe, just maybe, they would come in handy for the soup making process.  So, I strapped them on and wore them the entire time I cut up the onions, and viola, they worked great!  No tears, no screaming, no sticking my head in the freezer to stop the burning sensation.  If you hate cutting onions as much as I do, I recommend heading over to your local sporting goods store and picking up some swimming goggles.  They made my soup making experience much more pleasant! 

Here's the soup.

The soup was great and will definitely be a repeat recipe, particularly when it's cold outside and I can find my swim goggles.

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Admittedly, while the soup looks fantastic, I would really like a picture of you cooking with goggles on 8-)