Monday, December 14, 2009

Butternut Squash

I bought the smallest butternut squash I could find, knowing I would probably be the only one eating it in my house! The squash was tougher to cut than I imagined- maybe my knife wasn't sharp enough. I did like that I only had to use one pan to prepare and cook it in.

I enjoyed the squash, but it was a bit sweet for me! Danny didn't like the texture, as I imagined. Brayden spit it right out- but right now he is not eating anything orange!


Carissa said...

I heard on a cooking show not too long ago, to make it easier to peel and cut a butternut squash you could put the squash in the oven whole for 5 minutes. I don't remember the temp, probably 350. Anyway, they said it would make it alot softer and easier to cut...I haven't tried it yet though. Just thought I'd pass it on.

The Boyer's Brigade said...

Good to know for next time- the peeling wasn't too hard, but cutting it was!