Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We love guacamole around our house- I have used a recipe from the Adobo Cafe in Chicago for 5 years and we love it! I was a little uneasy about trying a new recipe- What I thought I really liked in the Adobo recipe was the cilantro, so I just knew I would want to add it to Ina's.

I was wrong! This was a very good recipe- I really liked the taste of the red onion, we usually use white onion.

Danny didn't like that it was chunky, he prefers smushed avocadoes- but we both enjoyed it very much!

I especially appreciated her tip on the side of the page about covering the guacamole with saran wrap right on the guacamole. It worked for me- I made this about 4 hrs ahead of time and it wasn't brown at all!

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