Sunday, December 6, 2009

Orange Yogurt

I made the orange yogurt for breakfast Saturday.  I used a paper towel and a sifter to strain my yogurt, and it worked like a charm, even after only straining for 3 hours.  I used Dannon plain lowfat yogurt, and it worked well.  I used golden raisins and everything else called for in the recipe, and it turned out really well.  I love how easy it was to make and that it can be made well in advance.  I think the next time I try it I might try using maple syrup, pecans, figs, and cranberries/cranberry juice.  I might also try using plain greek yogurt rather than plain lowfat regular yogurt.  I usually eat greek yogurt every day and love its thick consistency, so I bet it would work well in this recipe. 

This was very good and I'll definitely try it again.  Here's my finished yogurt.

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