Monday, December 28, 2009

Beef Bourguignon

I have been so excited about making this dish! I anxiously have been waiting for beef tenderloin to go on sale at either HEB or Kroger. My lucky day came last week. Kroger was advertising it for $8.99 a pound due to the holidays, but when I got to Kroger the butcher even had some for $5.99 a pound - YEA!!

The recipe wasn't hard it just had several steps. I did cook the beef longer than she said to. Ina said to keep it very rare and cook it 2-3 minutes per side, bit I didn't want it rare so I cooked it about 5 min per side and it was perfect. The end product was TERRIFIC!!

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Carissa said...

Makes me want to try this...I'm behind on my cooking with Ina, with the Holidays and all!
Did you serve a side dish?