Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sesame-Teriyaki Chicken Thighs ~ page 209

This had great flavor, I did leave out the sesame seeds since I forgot to buy them. I would make this again except we aren't real crazy about chicken with the bone in...I guess I have never been one to want to gnaw on bones. It was a little messy and hard to eat, but I like said, great flavor. I'm not sure if breasts would dry out too much with this broiling method....maybe chicken tenderloins would be better? Any suggestions?

The recipe has you broiling the meat about 8 minutes a side. Well after just a couple minutes I could see I was gonna burn it, so I lowered my rack in the oven one level, which worked alot better. The kitchen was still getting smoky though, so I peaked in and the extra sauce that had dripped on my foil lined baking sheet was you can see in the picture! So I had to replace that foil with clean foil halfway through the cooking process.

I didn't have a broiler pan like she suggests so per my mom's advice used a cookie cooking rack, which seemed to do the trick as you can see in the last picture!
So, good recipe, but I will tweak it a little bit when I make it again.

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