Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Macaroni and Four Cheeses/ Peppercorn Pork with Wine Sauce

I made both of these for dinner and they were both YUMMY!

The mac and cheese
My sister had made this before, so I knew it was good.  I was just amazed at how little cheese you put in and how creamy it still was.  Brayden LOVED it!  Danny (who really dislikes squash) said "I can't even taste the squash" and ate his whole serving.  We will be making this again, but might splurge and add a bit of half and half.

Peppercorn Pork with Wine Sauce
We like pork and have it about once a week.  I was very intrigued that she said it would taste like a good steak.  She wasn't lying!  Make sure you don't over cook it.  I only made half of one tenderloin and it was enough for both of us.  I used a Claret wine- and we enjoyed the rest with dinner :)


Carissa said...

This pork was on my list to do next...glad it was so good. So...for the mac and cheese, did you find the squash frozen somewhere?

Carissa said...

Never mind, I remember a comment you posted in the past about finding it at Central Market. I will have to go there.