Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mom's Turkey Meatloaf and "Dirty" Broccoli

I followed the recipe for Mom’s Turkey Meatloaf as written and it was a HUGE success at our house. How did I know it was success? My 21 month old, who is a very picky eater, loved it and then he wanted more and more. This was shocking to me because it had onions and bell peppers in it. One thing I will do different next time that I made it is to add more salt and some garlic. It just needed a little more seasoning to me.

So for lunch the next day, I cut some thin slices of it and browned them in some olive oil to make some meatloaf sandwiches. They too were tasty.

With this dish, I also made “Dirty” Broccoli. The recipe was super easy and gave the broccoli a wonderful taste! I will be making the mix again soon and trying it on some other vegetables. It was very yummy and what a great way to get our son to eat more vegetables.

Side note: I put the meatloaf on aluminum foil when I put it in the oven to make for an easier clean-up. Anything for a quick and simple clean up. :)

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