Monday, April 19, 2010

Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce

Another 10 in our book!!

Daniel and I both really enjoyed this...maybe a little to much as I made it Saturday and we ate the last two servings today! I'm not usually big on the actual fruit as much as the crisp part but I have to say the peaches in this were great and I ate them as well! I think the lemon adds a lot of flavor. I used two bags of frozen peaches which was the perfect amount for the crisp.

My suggestion would be to cut the sauce in half, it makes a lot and unless you want to drown your crisp in it or drink it from a straw has she suggests:) you'll have a lot left over. I probably have more than half left. But I would definately make it just not as much!

We also ate ours with ice cream too....why not go all the way right!! I loved it with it b/c I love crisps a la mode but Daniel thought it took away from the sauce so he only did ice cream once.

sorry no picture....

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