Thursday, April 8, 2010

Comfort Meatballs

I used 1 lb hamburger meat and 1/2 pound hot breakfast sausage (just because that is what I had).  You couldn't taste the extra seasonings at all. 

I loved that she used oatmeal- it really helped them hold together, better than breadcrumbs in my opinion.

I also LOVE her tip to make them ahead of time and let them form in the fridge- it worked perfectly!  It was so much easier to roll them in flour and lightly brown them.  The other meatballs I have made fell apart in the pan- I will do this again!

I also liked that the meatballs weren't swimming in sauce- just lightly covered with it.  I ended up with about 34 good size meatballs.

On a side note..Carissa, these taste EXACTLY like the meatballs you brought us after Brayden was born.  I have been looking for a similar recipe and this is it!

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Carissa said...

That is funny that you remembered those meatballs that I brought you. This recipe is alomst the same as mine, just a touch different in the sauce, and I liked that PW made them smaller and browned them before baking. These made great little meatball sandwiches on rolls, I did that for a superbowl party I went to.