Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jambalaya ~ page 132

After reading Morgan's review, I decided to give this a try. I used the option for regular rice instead of instant rice, so it took a lit longer than the original recipe. It was good...I would make it again. My only complaint would be that it was a little gummy and squishy...I might have put a little too much liquid in though, or maybe I let the kiddos over stir it. As I was slicing my sausage I kept thinking that Andouille didn't have a very appetizing smell, but I had never used it before, so I kept slicing...then finally I decided it just smelled down right bad. After pulling the package wrapper out of the trash, I noticed that it had expired a couple weeks earlier! I had just bought it 1 day ago! Don't you hate that?! So...plan B was the leftover rotisserie chicken from the night before. I think the sausage would have added more flavor than the chicken did, but oh least it was lower in fat! Here is my pile of chicken...
I have a new spice that I have been sprinkling on top of all sorts of things...Aleppo Pepper! It added a great amount of heat to the dish. If any of you aren't familiar with Penzey's Spice need to check it out. It is a store that only carries spices...and boy do they have any and every spice you would ever want, and at reasonable prices too. It is located in the Heights...would be a fun place to check out if you had the time one day. Next time I make this I will add the sausage in. Yum...I just ate a bowl of leftovers for lunch as I was typing this! --Carissa

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Haylee said...

I'm glad you looked at your sausage package to see it was expired...that could've been bad!!:) I want to try this but I have a really yummy Paula Deen one that is quick and I'm torn.