Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let's get cooking!

Just thought I'd remind everyone to be getting your new cookbook...for those of you who haven't heard it is by Ellie Krieger..."The Food You Crave" (The one where she is wearing an orange sweater on the front cover!)

I just got mine in the mail a couple days ago used from Amazon for $10 plus shipping, so it wasn't too bad. I have been reading through it and my mouth is watering! There are some mighty yummy looking recipes in there! I can't wait to dive in. Let's do the official switch over to the new book around the middle of July, how does that sound. That gives everyone 2 more weeks to get it. If you want to start posting sooner, that is fine, I just thought we needed a date to shoot for so we are all starting about the same time.

In my flipping through the book I noticed that.... as a group we will get to test yet another meatloaf, more mashed potatoes, and even mac and cheese. It will be interesting to see how these healthy versions compare to the fat loaded versions of Ina and PW! So, let's get cooking. --Carissa


taeandashleypark said...
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Michelle said...

Got my cookbook 2 dyas ago and after looking through it, I am excited about starting :)