Saturday, July 31, 2010

Broccoli and Cheddar Frittata ~ page 32

This was my very first Frittata to eat or make! It was very tasty. The changes that I made were to use whole eggs, I'm just not into Ellie's egg white thing to save calories...just give me the whole egg. I used 7 eggs and it was perfect. The other change I did was to add mushrooms which was a great idea, loved the addition of those. Oh, and next time I will up the salt. She has it at 1/4 teaspoon...I would do 1/2 teaspoon at least. The hardest part was to not stir it once I poured the eggs in. I had to just walk away to resist the urge to fiddle with it on the stove.
I wrapped the rubber handle of my skillet in foil since I wasn't sure if it was heat proof or not. But then the huge thing wouldn't even fit in the oven. The handle arched up so much that it hit the top of the oven, so I had to leave it sticking out of the door while it broiled for a few minutes. Even with that it still came out perfect! I can't wait to try this again maybe with some added ham. --Carissa

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