Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spicy Pulled Pork

I looked all over for pork shoulder and couldn't find it pre-packaged. James discovered for me that pork butt and pork shoulder are interchangeable (one and the same?), so I looked for pork butt. Finally I asked the butcher at the meat counter and he wandered back to the fridge, took out a giant cut of meat, and sliced me off a 5.9 lb. pork butt/shoulder.

I evidently need a larger food processor if I want to cook anything else for a crowd. I made this for our dinner for 8 (church) group last night, and I was worried I wouldn't have enough room for all the ingredients in my 2 cup food chopper. It worked, barely, and I made a mess pouring it out as it was sloshing out the top and dripping through the middle.

The pork was really tender after 6 hours in the oven and stayed moist. I'm still letting my dutch oven soak, so hopefully all the blackened juices and spices will come off alright. Everyone seemed to enjoy the meat and voiced their appreciation for the meal. I thought it was good, though the flavor didn't seem that strong. The limes were a nice touch. Even with 6 other people dining with us, we still have a lot left over. It's a great dish for a crowd and good with pico de gallo, tortillas, and guacamole.

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Kara, you're pictures are so pretty! I'm glad you mentioned something about the chopper. Mine is also very small (about 2 cups)so maybe I should upgrade that before I attempt this recipe.