Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sloppy Joes ~ page 91

These were a hit at my house! I didn't have pinto or red beans like she called for in the recipe, so I used black beans. I made it a couple hours before dinner and just left the sauce on low on the stove till dinner time...made getting dinner on the table super fast when Adam got home.
I toasted the buns on a griddle with a touch of butter...I would recommend that, it helps keep the bun from getting soggy while you eat it. The only change I did to the recipe was to add a tablespoon or so of ketchup to the sauce so it had a more tomato-y taste. It made enough for me to freeze the leftovers for dinner another night. My husband said it tasted healthy, but that it was really good. My kiddos gave it 2 thumbs up also. Give it a try! --Carissa

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armela said...

wow it looks like delicious!