Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pumpkin Pie Flan ~ page 297

This was a very yummy dessert! It tasted just like the middle of a pumpkin pie. Before I made these little flans I looked up Ellie's recipe online to read a few reviews. The only trouble people had was with the caramel topping. The recipe just says to stir 1/3 c of white sugar in a pan till it melts. Sounded easy enough, but most people said it hardened and didn't soften enough to drip over the top, so several recommended making double the sauce, so I melted down 2/3 cup and sure enough when I turned the flans out, half of the sauce came out perfectly, and the other half had hardened in the ramekin, but since I had doubled the sauce it was fine.

The sugar looked really weird as it melted...got crystal-y and chunky before it completely melted, but as you can see below, finally got all pretty and carmel like. She calls for 8 - 4oz ramekins, I just had 7 oz ramekins, so I used 4 of them, they were perfect.

After I turned them out I popped out the hardened caramel and used it to decorate the flans like a fancy restaurant would! I would make these again, I have 2 more in the fridge to eat later, I'm curious to see how they are after being chilled. They were great warm.
Oh, maybe I am blind, but I couldn't find the oven temp on the recipe, I had to look it up online! It is 350 degrees --Carissa

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