Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cherry Vanilla Oatmeal ~ page 36

I have a chipped tooth that prevents me from eating anything hard, chewy or crunchy until I get it fixed. So, as soon as I saw this recipe I thought...there is something I can eat! (I sure miss my bagels!) I have been making several of Ellie's smoothies for the same reason. I'll get those posted soon.
Anyway, this was really yummy, the cherries add a very sophisticated taste that I didn't expect, a little tartness. By the time I splurged on the dried cherries I didn't feel like buying special jam, so I went with what was in the fridge using plum jam.
I usually think most sweets are too sweet, but this wasn't the case here, I actually had to sprinkle a little cinnamon sugar on top. Overall, it was very good, and made enough for me to keep in the fridge and eat on for breakfast the next couple mornings as I continue to baby this cracked tooth! --Carissa

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