Sunday, January 3, 2010

pecan squares

I can't find a picture of these, but I'll post anyway. I made half the recipe in a 13 x 9" glass pan, and while the filling did not overflow, as had been the problem someone had mentioned, I had a lot of trouble extracting the squares from the pan. I was supposed to bring them to the Thanksgiving feast at my husband's office, and I had just about given up carving any squares out in time to bring. I was using a knife and two types of spatulas and had hardly made a dent. Finally, one square was not only cut apart but also released from the hold the pan had on it. Once I got one square out, the others followed, slowly, but surely.

With all that work in getting the squares out of the pan, I was worried that they might be inedible. They were, in fact, delicious, and not too chewy. Perhaps I cooked them a little too long; that seems to be a theme in my baking (burnt pecan shortbread). I liked the hint of lemon/orange that the zest added. Even with only half the recipe, there were plenty.

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NANNY said...

have you checked your oven temperature with an oven thermometer? That's what's wrong with mine.