Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ready for a new cookbook as we approach the holidays?

Hello Ladies!

I think there are a few of us out there that are ready to choose a new cookbook. It seems there aren't very many of you still blogging and enjoying The Best 30 minute let's move on to another cookbook! 

So...start leaving comments with what you'd like to do next! We are open for ANYTHING!   I'll put together a vote tally next Wednesday. 

Also, if you are finished with Cook a Book and would like to be removed from this blog list- please let me know. 

Keep Cooking!
Shannon Boyer


Shannon Boyer said...

My vote is Sarah Moultons Everyday Family Meals

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

I've been dying to try anything by the Neeleys

Morgan said...

I'm still here! It's been a crazy past few months with bedrest and adjusting to 2 kids, so I haven't posted in forever. It does seem like a lot of people have moved on, though....but I am all for starting a new cookbook! I'm up for whatever. At the moment, I don't have any suggestions but if I find something I will let you know.

Janice Johnson said...

I did not do the last cookbook, even though it was one I had suggested! It just turned out it was a busy time for me, so I didn't even start it. I still like the idea of cooking and blogging, but now my problem is that I have started eating gluten-free. So now I cook from gluten-free cookbooks mostly. I wish I knew a group that did that! But I enjoy following this blog even if I don't cook the food!