Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A New Cook...Blog?


Those of you who would like to join us this time around...we are going to try something different for the next few months.  It seems that online recipes are all the rage, especially finding great ones on  (If you're not on there, go check it out!) 

So, instead of starting a new traditional "cookbook"- how about we cook two new recipes we find online each week and blog about them.

Make sure you note the website where you found it and if possible, copy the actual recipe into the blog posting so we can all easily make it ourselves. 

If it's a recipe that's an old family favorite, even better!  Please put the recipe in the blog posting for us all to enjoy.

We think this will be fun as we venture into Holiday cooking :)

Happy Blogging!


Janice Johnson said...

what in interesting idea! This sounds fun.

Haylee said...

I've always thought this would be great so thanks for putting it out there!

Carissa said...

Sounds good to me!

Morgan said...

great idea! now to find some recipes.....