Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sage-Rubbed Pork chops with Warm Apple Slaw ~ page 195

This seemed like a nice Autumn dish to make for supper. I didn't have any sage, to my disappointment, so I used poultry seasoning, which has sage in it...but I think the pure sage would have been better. I liked the apple slaw a lot, but thought double the apple would have been nice in it.
I covered the browned chops with the slaw to simmer. I think the apple cider vinegar is nice in this dish...This is quite a pan full. I rated this dish as an 8.

Now, all that is my husband's review: he rated it a 2, and fussed through the whole meal. First off, he says he does not like simmered, slimy pork chops--he likes them deeply browned and dryish...and would have rather the chops have been grilled. Then, he thought the flavor was blah, so he rummaged in the fridge, and came up with a bottle of Schlotzsky's sauce and tried that...that wasn't right, so he looked again and came up with a jar of Tabasco hot pepper jelly, and that was better. (Actually, though I looked on disapprovingly, I did try the hot jelly on the chops, and thought that was pretty good.) We discussed some possible improvements on the recipe...but when it comes down to it, I guess I would not have the nerve to make this again, as my confidence can not hold up to this level of disdain. :) However, I did make a pumpkin pie for dessert and that redeemed the meal somewhat.

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