Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sour Cream Pancakes and Breakfast Bowls

A couple of weeks ago I decided, on Sunday morning, that I had enough time to make breakfast. Unfortunately, I miscalculated and we ran out the door for church before the breakfast bowls were cool enough to eat. James was disappointed since the sausage-bacon-egg-cheese dish sounded very promising.

Later in the week, I bought English muffins and served the breakfast "bowls" McMuffin style - a very thick egg McMuffin. James approved, though he was certain they would have tasted better fresh. Sorry, no pictures.

Today being Saturday I have plenty of time for breakfast! And yet these pancakes were fast and easy to make - I should have made these Sunday and the breakfast bowls on a Saturday. The pancakes were very simple, and since I am used to making pancakes I had almost all the ingredients assembled before re-reading the recipe. I was surprised to note that there was no milk, but I suppose the sour cream replaces that.

We decided that they have a strange spongy texture, a little dense for my tastes. I prefer my pancakes light and fluffy, more airy. Also, the recipe says that it makes 12 4-inch pancakes, so I halved the recipe. My pancakes must be bigger in diameter since the batter only produced 3 1/2 (small one) pancakes. At least that was enough for James and me. They were good, but not amazing, and they're not replacing my regular pancake recipe.

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