Saturday, June 26, 2010


This meatloaf was nothing spectacular, in my opinion, and sub-par in James'. He said it tasted like I added a cup of sugar to ketchup for the sauce. I said that wasn't far from the truth. He asked that since it was PW Meatloaf did that mean it was half beef and half sausage? No, but that's not a bad idea...

Never having used actual bread slices, I wondered at the quality difference between packaged bread crumbs and bread slices. I didn't notice any difference in flavor, taste, texture, and it's easier for me to use bread crumbs. I lined a broiler pan with foil, as she suggests, but still had to scrub the top rack part. I suppose it does drain nicely so you don't have to pour out the grease as I usually do when cooking meatloaf in a metal or glass loaf pan.

Overall, we will stick with our old favorite meatloaf recipes. Sorry, PW.

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