Friday, February 4, 2011

With 55% of the Votes Our Next Cookbook is....

300 Fast and Flavorful Recipes from America’s Most Trusted Test Kitchen

Tired of quick recipes that aren’t really quick or don’t taste very good? While some cookbooks promise 30-minute meals, America’s Test Kitchen delivers. The Best 30-Minute Recipe is packed with more than 300 great-tasting recipes, along with time-saving techniques that will help you become more efficient in the kitchen. You’ll also find honest evaluations of ingredients important to quick cooking, such as chicken broth, preshredded cheese, instant rice, and more. And because the type of equipment you use is important to the success of any recipe—made in 30 minutes or not—we tell you which brands are worth buying.

The Best 30-Minute Recipe features a surprisingly wide range of recipes. You get not only the very best versions of naturally quick dishes like salads and stir-fries, but also quick and easy recipes for typically long-cooking dishes that you’d never even think of making on a weeknight—including meatloaf, lasagna, beef pot pie, and a pad thai so easy that you may never call for takeout again. With efficiency and good taste, The Best 30-Minute Recipe is the time-pressed cook’s guide to getting dinner on the table, night after night.

You can purchase this cookbook from Amazon at the link below. It's even eligible for super saver shipping!

Lets give us all about 3 weeks to get the cookbook ordered and aim to start cooking our first recipes the week of March 1st. 

Since this cookbook has 300 recipes, we'll give ourselves a bit longer to work through it- but try your best to get AT LEAST 2 recipes cooked and blogged about each week.

Get ready to start cooking and blogging!


Carissa said...

I just ordered mine! I have several of Cook's Illustrated books and love them all. Can't wait to try this one out. --Carissa

Amy said...

I'm excited! And I'm definitely going to do my best to be more consistent this time around.

Thanks for all your work on getting this going, Shannon. You're doing a great job!

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

I ordered mine this afternoon too! Looking forward to a new culinary journey with y'all!

Shannon Boyer said...

Just got mine ordered! I'm ready for some variety in our meals again :)