Sunday, February 6, 2011

REMINDER: Cook a Book "Rules"

Just thought we'd recap the "rules" we established at the start of this blog.  Of course, if you're just hanging on to see the cool recipes we all cook, you're more than welcome- but for those of us blogging...I thought we could all use a reminder.


Welcome to the Project Cook A Book blog! What is this you ask? It's simple: just a group of ladies in need of a little excitement and inspiration in tackling the awesome (and sometimes overwhelming) job of cooking for our families. We all vary in experience and expertise, so don't think you have to be a great chef to join in on the fun.

The plan is to cook through this book (in no particular order) from cover to cover. I know that sounds like quite a challenge, but it will be a journey that we will do together.

We are each going to plan to make two recipes a week. After you make a recipe, come blog about your experience....did your husband like it or spit it out? What changes would you recommend to make this recipe better? In what creative ways did you use your leftovers? How did you make the recipe more figure friendly or healthy? You get the idea, right? You can even ask questions to the group if you need substitution suggestions, or don't understand a recipe. Have fun and take a picture of your food (success or disaster, either one!) and upload it to show off to us!

When you blog about a recipe, please put the name of the recipe in the "title" box so that others can easily search for an entry about a particular recipe. Also, there is a box named "label", (in the bottom right hand corner of each post) for you to fill in the chapter title of the recipe...example: Appetizers, Desserts, etc...

I know some of you are planning on being a part-time chef and blogger with this project and that is totally fine. No one is keeping score--we won't send out the cooking police if you don't get your two recipes a week cooked and served and blogged about! Do your best with the challenge--but most of all, enjoy yourself and have fun with this.

I've heard that quite a few of you are making recipes and not having time to blog about it. That's of course fine- but that's how the rest of us find out what's good and not so good about the recipes. Just a tip from me- I use post it notes to mark the recipes I want to do, and then after cooking them, I write notes on the post it note, and move it further down the side of the page so when I have time to sit and blog, I can quickly see which ones I need to blog about and then move the post it note farther down the side of the page when I'm done. I even find myself removing post it notes of recipes I don't think I'd ever cook again. Just a thought!

If your are ready to be off of this blog, no worries, please just respond and let me know so we'll keep our "blog author list" up to date. If you'd EVER like to get back on, you're more than welcome to! Just email me and we'll get it set up.

And if you ever have friends that want to get started with us, please just have them email me.

Thanks again for participating in Project Cook a Book!
Shannon Boyer and Carissa Robertson

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