Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ready for a new cookbook?

Hello Ladies!

I think there are a few of us out there that are ready to choose a new cookbook.  I have enjoyed Ellie's book- especially learning some heart healthier versions of some of our favorites. 

So...start leaving comments with what you'd like to do next!  We are open for ANYTHING! 

Also, if you are finished with Cook a Book and would like to be removed from this blog list- please let me know.  We'll go back over the "rules" we established for this blog in a few days.

Keep Cooking!
Shannon Boyer


Carissa said...

Oops I posted this in the wrong place earlier...here it is again...

Thanks Shannon for getting the ball rolling on this. My life is so busy right now, Shannon agreed to help out with our blog and help us re-group. My suggestions on the next cookbook are...a smaller one that has 100 recipes or less. Ina and Pioneer Woman both were a manageable size.
I would love to see more baking in there, but that is just cuz I love baking. Another idea would be a slow cooker cookbook maybe for all of us busy people? I do also like the idea of a TV personality...someone we can watch on Cooking Channel, or Food Network. One other kind of cookbook I think is fun to use is one that is from a restaurant...that way you know the recipes have been tried over and over like Barefoot Contessa's book was. One I have looked at is from a bakery in New York see below...I'll start doing some research and see what else I come up with.


The Boyer's Brigade said...

One I found that looks appealing...

Sara Moulton's Everyday Family Dinners (she USED to be on TV :) but is now at home in her kitchen with her family)

Shannon :)

Carissa said...

This Bobby Flay cookbook got great reviews on Amazon:


I have heard several husbands of some of our ladies on this blog say they would like to join in the cooking fun if we would do a book like this. I might even be able to get Adam to cook and post something!

Michelle said...

I know I have dropped the ball with cooking things and posting about them. Sorry to all the cooks (ladies) in the group. I found Pioneer Woman cookbook more exciting.I just didn't really care for "The Food You Cave". I love the lower fat foods but the dishes were just so-so to me. Not giving excuses but that is why I didn't really do what I should have.
I LOVE the ideal of Bobby Flay and especially a slow cooker cookbook. We all have busy lives and anything that can make it easier and faster I am all for.
Thank you for allowing me to be part of this group. I promise I will do better the next cookbook. :)

Morgan said...

I cook things but am terrible about posting! It's ok, Michelle! I like the idea of doing a book by TV personality or someone similar. I am not against healthy cooking (obviously, it is better for you!) but I was not crazy about Ellie's book...and Rhett pretty much hated it, LOL. I have actually not seen Bobby Flay's show but I don't watch much food network. I'd be fine with his book...I'm sure it's great. There's also a new one out by Elton Brown, but again...I know nothing about it. Shannon and Carissa, I am fine whatever y'all choose! Oh, and I will throw this out there b/c we have had great luck with their cookbook....the Cook's Illustrated "New Best Recipe" is awesome! I got their "30-Minute Meals" one for Christmas and so far, so good. I'm not suggesting the NBR b/c it is HUGE, but they do have a "Slow-Cooking" one (not necessarily crock-pot but just meals that can be cooked "low and slow"). I bet it is good! Just a thought. :)

Janice Johnson said...

I like anything from Cook's Illustrated!--Janice

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

I would have to agree with the previous comments. I don’t really have anything that I can pinpoint about Ellie’s book that I didn’t like, it just wasn’t my favorite. In her defense, the PW is a tough act to follow. I have heard a lot of great things about the New Best Recipe cookbook that Morgan mentioned. But really, I’m open to any new culinary experiences, and will be happy with any book you all choose to go with. Thank you for working so diligently to get us going on the next book!

Anne said...

I hope you ladies don't mind me tagging along with your next cookbook. Darby invited me way back when you all were working on the PW and I worked my way through Ellie too, and no one I know out here in VA is interested in starting anything like this.

I wasn't too much of a fan of Ellies, its not that it was bad, just not a lot of things I would repeat and add to our list of favorites. With that being said, Im really up for anything. :)

Lou Ann Chae said...

I didn't love Ellie's book either. A few good recipes that I would repeat but not many!

Like Janice, I like anything from Cook's Illustrated.

And like Carissa, I think something smaller in size is more manageable.

With that said, my go to cookbooks are always the Houston Junior League books - have all 4 although I don't like the newest one as much as the others. Maybe a junior league cookbook from another city? I will check with my sister in Jackson, MS, who loves to cook and see if she has suggestions or would recommend their junior league cookbook. I have a junior league one from Oxford, MS which is supposed to be really good but haven't cooked much from it yet. I'm not sure those would be really healthy cookbooks but one thing I love about this blog are everyone's variations on recipes which often make them healthier!

Just some thoughts!

Amy said...

I agree with the others- anything by Cook's Illustrated is great. That being said, as Morgan already alerted, "The New Best Recipe" is huge and not something I think would work well for the blog. But, I'd be interested in the quick meals book Morgan mentioned (by Cook's Illustrated).

I'm up for anything really, but would prefer something that focuses on fairly quick recipes for every day dinners/meals.

I do really like Robin Miller. She has a show on Food Network that focuses on quick weekday meals. She has a cook book in the same theme- http://www.amazon.com/Robin-Rescues-Dinner-Quick-Fix-Realistic/dp/0307451402/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1296179654&sr=1-1. Looks good to me, but not sure if the focus is too narrow for the group as a whole.

Emily Kilian said...

So far, I have enjoyed Barefoot Contessa to most, I think because it wasn't difficult or terribly time-consuming dishes but really tasty with lots of fresh ingredients. That being said, cook's illustrated is great, if they have something along those lines, I get the magazine and some of the recipes look very intimidating, at least to me. I wouldn't be opposed to doing another barefoot contessa, but that's not very exciting.

Baton Rouge's junior league has a great cookbook, River Road Recipes. There are 4 editions, the 3rd is a "healthy" edition.

Lou Ann Chae said...

Spoke with my sister and she had several recommendations.

Sara Foster was one and she said her books are very similar to Barefoot Contessas - fresh ingredients simple recipes.

Also recommended Birmingham Jr. League - Food for Thought.

And lastly, Martha Foose has one called "Screen Doors and Sweet Tea" very southern, but wonderful stuff. I've read good reviews on it. Her last supper club they all did a recipe from it - one of the best meals they've done in a while...Martha Foose is from the Delta and a big name around Jackson - at one time executive chef for Viking Culinary school in greenwood. Not sure if she still is or not.

Her comment on Cook's Illustrated which I agree with: We do love Cooks illustrated though...we typically do 1 or 2 recipes from each issue. Every one we have tried is a slam dunk - just usually a bit more involved that I typically do on a weeknight...

Just a few more ideas to consider!!

Carissa said...

So many good ideas...I was talking to Rebecca yesterday, she is apart of our blog also...she mentioned maybe a book from "Down Home with the Neelys" They are a fun couple from Food Network. The other suggestion she had was something from Giada.
I looked up the Screen Doors and Sweet Tea...it sure had some good reviews, and has a super cute cover! Not sure how we decide...lots of choices.

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Oh I just love to watch the Neelys! They are such a loving couple, which is not common on TV anymore.